Thursday, August 11, 2011

Long time M.E. advocate MARY SCHWEITZER writes an open letter to Simon Wessely

Dear Dr Wessely An open letter to Dr. Simon Wessely, My my, such a to-do this week. Over precisely what? If you have received actual death threats, for heaven's sake take them to the police, now. Or are you just exagerrating your lack of popularity in the patient community? If you really have received threats (and if so, that's what the law is for), then here is my response to you: 1. There are an estimated 250,000 patients in the UK suffering from M.E. Statistically speaking, it's probable that some within that large community might be personally unbalanced. It's irresponsible to use those few as an excuse to mistreat the rest. How have you mistreated them? In this particular case, by trying to scare off researchers and clinicians who might seek to help these people, many of whom are invalids. Irresponsible for a medical professional, and irresponsible for all those media outlets to give you so much space with which to condemn 250,000 sick people. Shame on you, and ... Read more>> See also: Exchange on Twitter between Mrs Simon Wessely and the Health Editor of the Times which shows that the old boy network of ignoring clinical evidence is more important than the lives of thousands of severely disabled people

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