Sunday, August 7, 2011

Exchange on Twitter between Mrs Simon Wessely and the Health Editor of the Times which shows that the old boy network of ignoring clinical evidence is more important than the lives of thousands of severely disabled people

SamListerTimes Sam Lister Times
@clarercgp worth buying the paper tomoro (from a family perspective)... SW shd be in glorious technicolour!

clarercgp Clare Gerada
@fentonaw @SamListerTimes Dear Sam. I gather . Hope it is friendly fire - he has had a difficult week.

SamListerTimes Sam Lister Times
@clarercgp i cast an eye over it to make sure wasnt going down a stupid route. all looked sensible and sympathetic. Plus a nice pic!

@clarercgp Clare Gerada
@SamListerTimes Thanks Sam. I wonder how many copies of the TImes this household will buy tomorrow.

Thx to Jac for this exchange on Twitter between Claire Gerada and the Health Editor of the Times on Thursday.!/clarercgp!/SamListerTimes

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Anonymous said...

That poor, poor man - having a difficult week and hated by those whom he - ahem - tries to help. maybe the victims of the Camelford water poisoning incident that he called 'hysteria' (especially those whose loved ones were found at autopsy to have massive amounts of aluminium in their brains)or those poisoned by vaccines and chemicals in the Gulf war that he insists are suffering from psychological disorders love him more.

I'm sure that my friend with severe M.E., who was not long ago incarcerated in a mental hospital for weeks for the crime of having the neurological illness M.E., and who was subject to a cruel regime of medical 'care' that left her unable to walk at all (and included being forced to crawl for her food whilst the staff,who had been instructed not to bring her any,jeered at her) and who was informed that she would be sectioned under the mental health act if she tried to leave, would like to add her condolences to mine on the difficulty of his week that has included his latest media smear campaign against M.E. patients.

He looks terrified out of his mind of those evil, unreasonable M.E. patients who don't love him.

Anonymous said...

Any one who thinks Wesseley has any sympathy for those with ME should read his published books where he clearly states that he believes ME patients are delusional and have self generated and self perpetuated illnesses (psychosomatic). He also applies the same descriptions to Gulf war syndrome sufferers. It wouldn't be so bad but HIS opinions seem (unlike many other serious scientists)to inform policy - result many people suffer - some have even been locked up in mental hospitals. Is it any wonder this misguided man gets hate mail - how else will the desperate patients he has so clearly disenfranchised get noticed?


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