Sunday, August 7, 2011

Mrs Simon Wessely: Simon Wessely has had a difficult week in The Times

SamListerTimes Sam Lister Times
@clarercgp worth buying the paper tomoro (from a family perspective)... SW shd be in glorious technicolour!

clarercgp Clare Gerada
@fentonaw @SamListerTimes Dear Sam. I gather . Hope it is friendly fire - he has had a difficult week.

SamListerTimes Sam Lister Times
@clarercgp i cast an eye over it to make sure wasnt going down a stupid route. all looked sensible and sympathetic. Plus a nice pic!

@clarercgp Clare Gerada
@SamListerTimes Thanks Sam. I wonder how many copies of the TImes this household will buy tomorrow.

Thx to Jac for this exchange on Twitter between Claire Gerada and the Health Editor of the Times on Thursday.!/clarercgp!/SamListerTimes

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