Friday, August 12, 2011

Does Simon Wessely Control the media in Belgium, Britain and the rest of the world?

by JOHAN on AUGUST 12, 2011:

Early July Marc Van Impe published the email correspondence (partially?) dating from February between him and the financial and administrative manager of the newspapers De Standaard (the quality newspaper in Flanders) and Het Nieuwsblad (the most popular newspaper in Flanders). Flanders is the Dutch-speaking region of Belgium. Approx. 60% of the Belgians speak Dutch.

Reading these emails it becomes clear that a previous article “No imaginary illness” (see “CFS is a lie (part 2) in the resources section below) by this journalist which was published in De Standaard on February 7, 2011 was removed from their website after a complaint by Simon Wessely, who found it to be “libellous, inaccurate and malicious”. The lively discussion sparked by his article was also removed.

At the time I dismissed Simon Wessely’s involvement as yet another conspiracy theory. This time I was wrong.

How is it possible that a professor from the UK can make the quality newspaper in Flanders remove an article? Read more>>

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