Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The International ME Association (IMEA) have nominated Dr. Joan Grobstein, a neonatologist with ME, to sit on the CFS Advisory Committee (CFSAC).

CFS Central:
The International ME Association (IMEA) and patient advocate and IMEA member Keith Baker have nominated Dr. Joan Grobstein, a neonatologist with ME, to sit on the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Advisory Committee (CFSAC). A graduate of Harvard College and University of California at Davis Medical School, Grobstein was serving as a neonatologist at Children’s Hospital at the University of Pennsylvania when she became ill with ME more than a decade ago. She has testified before the CFSAC committee several times, most recently ... more

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While millions of ailing, immunodeficient CFS/ME patients are mindfully belittled & neglected, perfectly healthy HIV+ people are allocated billions of dollars in taxpayer money for research and services. How does that make any sense to anyone?

It is so easy to see that the medical establishment simply has these paradigms (CFS, HIV) inverted. Why can't people see that AIDS patients are just more CFS patients, which as CFS patients’ we already know is not caused by HIV. I want a revolution.

If CFS/ME patients truly wanted billions of dollars of funding to be allocated to study their illness, all they need to do is demand of their government officials' that the medical establishment (e.g., NIH/NIAID) conduct a 'ReAppraisal of AIDS.'

7 Step Plan to resolving our World's catastrophic public health disaster:

1. Demand research funding parity for CFS with AIDS.
2. Suggest that CFS & AIDS be researched together by scientists rather than as separate entities.
3. Urge the CDC to move their AIDS division under the CFS umbrella so they research all the infections that AIDS and CFS have in common.
4. Urge that AIDS organizations (like Amfar) include CFS under their umbrellas so that CFS advocates don’t have to reinvent the wheel.
5. Demand that the White House, Fauci and the Director of NIH make a public statement that (just from what we know today) in terms of the immune dysfunction and human suffering, CFS is just as serious a public health problem as AIDS.
6. Request that an annual international joint CFS & AIDS conference be held by the World Health Organization.
7. Suggest that next December 1st be declared the first “World CFS/AIDS Day.”

I stopped fighting for myself a long time ago. I fight for humanity.



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