Sunday, August 21, 2011

Was the Observer's Robin McKie recycling Professor Wessely ?

Posted by nmj at 21.8.11: I also see Wessely has changed his wording about Iraq, he is less glib now. It is really time these people grew up, and left biomedical researchers to do the real job. If they want to research nebulous chronic fatigue - apparently common! – ME is NOT common – that’s fine. But please leave those of us with neuroimmune illness alone and stop causing us harm with your obsessions and inability to embrace actual science. And let's also remind them of a recent BMJ thread which the Observer writer must surely have missed when he was recycling - sorry, researching - this article. And let's just remind Wessely and his disciples of ... Read more>>

See also: Simon Wessely in a UK newspaper today: bedridden and tube fed ME/CFS patients are dangerous

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