Monday, August 22, 2011

Lynn did not need to receive death threats. CBT psychiatrists have made sure that no medical research has been done in the last 20 years or so to find treatment and a cure for ME, an infectious disease

Picture of Lynn Gilderdale by the 25% ME GROUP, the support group for the 25% of ME patients which are bedridden and totally dependent on others.

ME has been classified as a neurological illness by the WHO since 1969,

we've had 50 to 60 cluster outbreaks, which means this is an infectious disease,

Australian researchers managed to pass the disease on to monkeys, which again means that this is an infectious disease.

Almost 5% of ME patients contracted ME via a blood transfusion, which again means that this is an infectious disease.

Over the last decade or so, the MRC had £7 million for ME research, all of it was wasted on psycho babble.

Not one penny was spent on proper research/trying to find the cause and treatment/cure because the MRC is there to satisfy the Freudian needs of CBT psychiatrists, not to finance proper research.

Thousands of ME patients have been made a lot worse by the so called psychiatric treatments to the point that they are bedridden and totally dependent on others.

We know ME is an infectious disease, we know there is a problem with the mitochondria, but we are still fobbed off with silly CBT and very dangerous, graded exercise therapy as money and power for CBT psychiatrists are more important than millions of people with a severely disabling infectious disease.

So no wonder people find these psychiatrists disgraceful.

So have we started to look for this virus that causes ME?

Obviously not as one can see in all the recent silly articles in The Times and the Guardian, which were published to make sure that no one starts to look for this virus and to make sure that no one finds out what a disabling diseases this is.

Have another look at this article in the Daily Mail and one can see how this illness has destroyed Lynn's life, just like it is destroying lives of millions of others.

By Gill Swain: I've seen patients paralysed, dying Aids victims, starving children... but I've never seen anyone as ill as Lynn

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