Friday, August 26, 2011

More psychobabble from Simon Wessely, who doesn't seem to have any insight into all the suffering his denial psychiatry has caused and is still causing

Simon Wessely,, 27 AUGUST 2011:

"I am proud of what we achieved. We set up what was the first and is now probably the largest NHS service for CFS sufferers.

We have now seen over 3,000 patients, and the majority of them are very grateful for the treatment they have received. Trawl the internet, however, and you will find some who claim that I and other professionals are the architects of a vast conspiracy to cover up the real nature of the illness, that we portray CFS sufferers as malingering neurotics.

They say we are denying its sufferers their treatment and benefits by falsely claiming that the condition is ‘all in the mind’, i.e. non-existent— which has never been our view. The evidence is that, like most illnesses, CFS is a mixture of the physical and the psychological. Our critics have devoted much energy (irony intended) to denouncing us as pawns of the drug or insurance industries.

I have been called a new Dr Mengele, the next Dr Shipman; somebody said that my wife is a ‘rat who should be thrown into a cage with infected mice’. One blogger wrote a post addressed to me in which he called me ‘the born personal physician of Heydrich, Goebbels or Hitler’. I am frequently accused of having thrown a CFS-suffering child into water to see if he would sink or swim. OK, let’s keep a sense of proportion. It’s only a small number of people who do this.

I have been seeing CFS sufferers now for over 20 years and our patients bear little resemblance to the internet extremists. They are perplexed, uncertain, and desperate for help from whatever quarter, provided that they are treated with respect by someone who believes they are ill. Nor are they anti-psychiatry.

For the outraged minority, however, being referred to a psychiatrist or psychologist is tantamount to being told that the symptoms are imaginary. It is understandable that people are sensitive on this matter. But the solution must be to address their misunderstandings, rather than assuming that CFS will only be taken seriously when psychiatrists are removed from the scene.

My mother told me that to specialise in psychiatry, I would need a thick skin. Usually I have one.

But three things here anger me. First, the repeated claim that we don’t think our patients have an illness. They do, and to say otherwise is insulting. Second, even if you don’t think that the treatments we pioneered are for you, it is wrong to try to stop others from benefiting from them. At present, the treatments pioneered at Queen’s Square are the best we have. They are by no means a cure — but nor are the treatments that we offer to sufferers from rheumatoid arthritis, MS, Parkinson’s, schizophrenia and many more.

No one would advocate leaving them without any prospect of treatment. And last, the malign tactics of the minority have helped to delay scientific progress: numerous scientists in other fields, including neurology, immunology and virology, have dipped their toes in the water of CFS, been scalded and given up.

It’s not so much the threatening emails and blogs that rile. It’s the more insidious stuff, the efforts to prevent my colleagues and me from doing our work: the bogus allegations of misconduct to ethics committees; the ridiculous claims to journals that we have hidden conflicts of interests; the long dossiers of imaginary sins sent to colleagues — the claims go on and on.

The worst is the deliberate falsification of what we have said or written: quotes are circulated with the essential word ‘not’ deleted, for instance. And transcripts of our speeches are sometimes altered so that ‘yes’ becomes ‘no’."

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nmj said...

He will stop at nothing, this man - actually now saying that neurologists in 80s were irritated by their patients...I really do question the mental health of SW, he will stop at nothing. How dare, he, how dare he, how dare he!

Ha, my neurologist - in 1984, SW was perhaps still on his newly qualified doctor's potty - was so irritated he said I was 'gravely ill with a houseful of abnormalities' - verbatim. And he gave me a plasma exchange & immunosuppression to further express his irritation!


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