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Simon "ME is simply a myth" Wessely: a powerful medical denier

By Sheila:

In Professor Hooper’s letter to the editor of BBC Today programme and the journalist Tom Fielden, “Wessely’s Words Revisited”
he mentions Prof Wessely’s response to a letter in the Scotsman some years ago. I remembered there was more info on this in “Corporate Collusion”. It is very interesting reading, especially a journalist’s letter to Prof. Wessely and his response. Also at the very end his comment about being “stalked” by Margaret Williams!

From “Corporate Collusion”

Professor Hooper et al, September 2007, p72-75

Illustrations of threats issued by Simon Wessely

In 1994, following publication of an article in the CFIDS Chronicle which quoted Wessely’s own published views about ME/CFS patients (The Views of Dr Simon Wessely on ME: Scientific Misconduct in the Selection and Presentation of the Available Evidence?. CFIDS Chronicle, Spring 1994:14-18), Wessely was incensed. He threatened the UK distributors of the CFIDS Chronicle with an injunction unless they defaced every copy by removing the article before sending it out. The distributors were intimidated by Wessely’s threats and they acquiesced. Subscribers in the UK who had paid in advance complained that they received defaced copies even though there was no injunction in place. Copies that were distributed world-
wide from the US were not affected, and Wessely’s threats simply served to draw more attention to the article than might otherwise have been the case.

On 18th January 2000, Simon Wessely wrote to the Countess of Mar that the “ad hominen (sic) attacks” upon him “may have the unforeseen outcome of reinforcing unhelpful stereotypes of sufferers held by some in high office”. Again, this seems to be nothing less than a threat using an intimidation technique made, it must never be forgotten, against very sick human beings who, since Wessely came to such prominence in 1987, had been trying to redress the wrongs perpetrated upon them by these powerful medical deniers.

Full ARTICLE.pdf

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