Friday, November 26, 2010

Barts "CFS Clinic" 25th Birthday Protest

By: Organiser - Annette Barclay
Do you know the history? Why would ME patients protest?

Read Jo Best's piece on the Barts 25th "Celebration"

Margaret Williams on Peter White's talk:

At the Barts Fatigue Service celebrations, Professor Wessely's talk is entitled: 'Where we were then, where we are now' and Professor White is to speak on: 'PACE Trial: is knowledge more useful than belief?'

Is knowledge more useful than belief? Not, it seems, where ME/CFS is concerned.

Why not? Because where the Wessely School is now in relation to ME/CFS is little different from where it was 25 years ago - their beliefs remain static and they have resolutely not moved forwards in the light of knowledge.

They perversely and irrationally reject the ever-increasing body of biomedical knowledge that ME/CFS is a serious neuroimmune disease and continue to believe that it is a somatoform disorder which is curable by
their favoured interventions of cognitive restructuring and incremental aerobic exercise.

Professor Peter White claims that 'a full recovery is possible'(Psychother Psychosom 2007:76(3):171-176); the PACE Trial CBT participants' Manual informs people that the PACE Trial therapies are curative, and it is elsewhere asserted that 'many people have successfully overcome their CFS/ME' with such behavioural interventions ('Information for relatives, partners and friends', page 123).

Such a belief is not supported by knowledge.

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