Monday, November 8, 2010

Young Gulf War Veterans Die

November 7, 2010 by Denise Nichols, ·

Gulf War Veteran Deaths for First Week of November 2010.

Six Gulf War Veterans 1990-1991 died in the first week of November. Their ages were 44, 48, 54(2), 61, and one age not known. Four were Army Veterans and 2 were Navy veterans. One had previous service in Air Force and one previous service Marines. One was a veteran of Vietnam service and one had served in the recent wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

We honor them and their survivors by remembering them. We hope that if they had illnesses since the time of their service in the Gulf War 1990-91, that these illnesses are documented. They definitely have died an early death. The government will honor them more if they fully declassified all records from the Gulf War 1990-91.

The Gulf War 1990-91 was a war of environmental hazardous exposure soups. These veterans and their families need to be honored and remembered and action taken so that lessons are learned for our country.

Help for their fellow veterans after 20 years is sorely absent. How many more will die before the truth is fully known by their families, loved ones, fellow veterans, and the American public?

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