Saturday, November 27, 2010

UNUM's Policy for Denying CFS Claims

by Linda Nee

In 1995 Unum’s Atlanta Southern Region Benefits (SRB) put together what it called a “collaborative strategy” to “manage CFS files more aggressively” and in a “proactive rather than a reactive fashion.” The so-called strategy was called the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Management Program (CFSMP) and involved members of Unum’s management such as Dr. Carolyn Jackson, Sally Fowler, Dr. Don Abbott and potentially Susan Steele and Anne Dinsmore.

The 1995 document specifies that in part the role and responsibility of those involved will be to “engage in open and objective discussion on interpretation of results from IMEs and FCEs.” Unum’s objective regarding the CFS project states the following,

”The CFSMP is based on the premise that CFS impacts more than just UNUM employers, attending physicians, and claimant are at risk. Many attending physicians are having a difficult time managing through the subjective nature of CFS.

Group policy holders (employers) are paying higher premiums and losing valued employees. Many highly educated and trained professions are losing motivation and slipping into self-imposed oblivion because of CFS.”

Diagnosis – “Neurosis with a new banner.”
Claimant Profile – “Professional working women ages 30-50; Susceptible to doctor’s power of suggestion;

Unum claimants and insureds with CFS should not ...

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