Friday, November 26, 2010

NHS Dorset: CBT not effective for ME

We have all seen the article about the Woman with severe ME, who was ‘left to rot by the NHS’, and we were all outraged. Well at least I was initially, and then the quarter dropped.

You see, in the same article, it also states that "her family want her to be treated at a specialist NHS centre in Essex".

And that "Her husband and daughter have appealed three times but their applications have been rejected by NHS Dorset".

The specialist centre is based on the CBT principle that this severely disabling neurological condition is all in the mind of the patient etc.

At the same time, the NHS Dorset are repeatedly denying this lady treatment based on this assumption. So in effect, NHS Dorset are repeatedly saying that CBT for ME is an utter waste of tax payers money.

And I couldn't agree more.


Anonymous said...

I don't know why anyone is surprised. Tens of thousands of people with severe M.E. in this country are in the same situation or even more ill than her and are being left to rot by the NHS. I don't know how this lady managed to make the headlines in Dorset - the media doesn't usually choose to run these stories. Outraged? Yes. Surprised? No.

Anonymous said...

Well said Dr Speedy.

She's better off where she is than in the wretched 'CFS' clinic being coerced into exercising and positive thinking.

Anonymous said...

Sadly NHS Dorset do not believe that CBT is a waste of time; in fact that is exactly what they offer. They have their own lovely little clinic where they treat, and I quote, "behaviour, not symptoms".

I suspect this lady has already tried there and found it no help. Sadly she will not find the Essex place any better. I don't understand why her family would think it is any different.


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