Saturday, November 20, 2010

Celebrating 25 Years of Patient Abuse

By: Jo Best:

Celebrating 25 Years of Patient Abuse and Medical Negligence at St. Bart’s, London, 29th November.

Adapted from the blurb on St. Bart’s website about the event:

The CFS/ME NHS clinics

These are based on the NICE guideline and our psychiatric model of ME/CFS. Even if the lead clinician is not a psychiatrist, the “treatment” offered is still only CBT and GET, perhaps with some anti-depressants thrown into the mix to keep the buggers subdued.

What started as a malicious rumour has now become a widely held belief that many patients given the label of CFS do not have ME. We call our clinics “Fatigue Clinics”.

As we very well know, fatigue is a symptom of a large number of health conditions, which require completely different medical management from ME; therefore results from our treatment programmes at such clinics cannot, in truth, be extrapolated to the ME/CFS patient community, yet we manage to get away with it as the truth is merely an irksome obstacle, easily masked by smoke and mirrors, fudged, and our speciality, psycho-babble.

The majority of ME patients find no effective help or treatment from these clinics and are often made worse by them.

Like, we care!

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