Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Abnormal brain scans in ME/CFS

By Dr Myhill

In October 2007 I attended a conference sponsored by the late Dr John Richardson. A Canadian physician Dr Byron Hyde showed us some functional scans of the brains of CFS patients. If I had not known the diagnosis, I would have diagnosed strokes.

This is because the blood supply to some area of the brain was so impaired.

The default is temporary and with rest, blood supply recovers.

However, this explains the multiplicity of brain symptoms suffered from, such as poor short term memory, difficulty multi-tasking, slow mental processing and so on.

Furthermore, brain cells are not particularly well stocked with mitochondria and therefore they run out of energy very quickly.

See also: Professor of Psychology, Rhona Johnston shows that ME/CFS is NOT a psychological condition (on a UK Government website !!!) … a MUST READ

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