Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The biggest and the baddest CBT/GET study ever, aka the PACE trial failed miserably

by CORT on FEBRUARY 20, 2011:

The biggest and the baddest CBT/GET study has finally arrived.


The stakes were high. The big Belgian government funded CBT study to end all CBT studies failed miserably last year leading CBT advocates to sputter that the trial had not failed but that expectations were simply too high – as if a return to health was an unreasonable expectation.

But this was the UK, where CBT had found it’s greatest home and it’s most prolific and influential practitioners. This was a country where the behavioral paradigm of CFS even had a strangehold on the media, a place where studies showing evidence to the contrary sometimes simply weren’t covered.


‎"None of these treatments returned their health to the participants or close to it.

They were still highly bothered by fatigue, had high levels of symptoms and lacked endurance.

If the objective was to get patients well -and the stated objective was to remove the factors that perpetuated their symptoms (ie that caused their condition) – the trial failed spectacularly." Read more>>

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