Sunday, February 20, 2011

Blaming the patient is what Wesselian psychiatry aka the PACE trial is all about

4:56 am February 20, 2011, don't need a psychologist thanks! wrote:

I have suffered from ongoing fatigue for just over four years. I am not depressed, nor do I need the services of a psychologist or psychiatrist. I have been to see a neurologist and a rheumatologist and neither suggested I needed psychological treatment.

They are both honest enough to say they have no defining diagnosis re my condition.

I need to find out why, after spending years working in the field with scientists, I was struck by a fatigue so intense that it was difficult to get out of bed and have a shower. This is not psychological.

It is physiological. I don’t think that medicine has all the answers, as is obviously the case with chronic fatigue / chronic exhuastion – whatever you want to call it.

An exercise program would be basically useless in my case. If I slowly walk more than a few blocks, I end up in a lot of pain and can’t do anything for the next couple of days. This is coming from a person who used to do scientific field work and used to climb up and down hills from dawn to dusk. Docs, it is not in our heads. It is in our bodies.

Don’t blame the patient and his/her mental state because you do not yet understand what is happening in the body.


Bruce said...

CBT does not mean the patient is being blamed. That is a strong, distorted thought which may cause your body some pain through internal tension, in affected areas of your body already in pain. Being blamed is almost like being accused of a wrong-doing, which is a painful thought. Try thinking, instead, that there is a cause and effect between the mind and body of all people. It is not "all in the head" but there is a strong connection between the mind and the body. The thoughts the mind has will affect the body and vice-versa.

Dr Speedy said...

Thx Bruce, but in the Wesselian world of silly CBT sold as a cure or treatment for a severe neurological disease the patient is BLAMED. That is the basis of the Wesselian school of silliness.


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