Friday, February 4, 2011

CFS NIH Grant Panel goes back to the dark Ages of CBT-ism

Cort, Published on February 3rd, 2011:

The last CFS SEP Panel, heavy with immunologists and other CFS researchers, was remarkably changed.

(Unfortunately Dr. Klimas called the number of grant proposals was 'pitiful' - so it's not clear how helpful they were.) The present panel is remarkably different from the last one and not in a good way. Now we have an in-between panel; it's a mix of pain (FM ie dental) and CFS and other researchers. It's better than most CFS SEP's (a third of the researchers have some CFS research experience - but it's mostly dominated by pain researchers again.

In contrast to other standing panels which have consistent membership the SEP panels are supposed to reflect the types of applications before them. (This often did not happen before and several researchers have publically complained of having immune grant proposals reviewed by people with other backgrounds.)

Whether the new panel reflects more fibromyalgia grant applications coming in (the panel reviews both) or whether the last panel was the anomaly that reflected the heightened interest in XMRV is hard to tell.

Some changes were expected since this is a FM/TMD panel as well but many of the bright CFS faces on the panel (Klimas, Broderick, Ruscetti, Fletcher are gone...Only Friedberg and Hanson remain. Read more>>

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