Friday, February 11, 2011

DWP: ME/CFS is a physical illness


Is CFS/ME a physical illness?

There has previously been much debate as to whether CFS/ME is a physical illness or not. Some researchers have put forward the argument that it is a purely psychological disorder, citing in evidence the high rate of co-morbid depression. Others are equally sure that it is purely physical, citing the abnormal hormonal tests found in some or the triggering of the illness by certain infections. Both views are oversimplifications.

The reality is that the disability of CFS/ME involves both physical and mental incapacity and it is important to ensure full consideration is given to all the disabling effects of the illness and an accurate assessment of care and mobility needs is made.”

For the purpose of DLA, however, the current law means that a claimant cannot be eligible for a higher rate of mobility unless his/her disability is considered "physical". For this purpose, CFS/ME is "physical".

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