Sunday, February 20, 2011

GET (exercise) simply is not the appropriate treatment for ME, and can do serious harm

Kit wrote, 11:41 pm February 18, 2011:

Katherine, It is not simply that exercise as a cure for a neuro-immune illness “will not sit well with patients” if you mean by that it trivializes the disease. For people with ME/CFS, the body’s response to exercise changes drastically. Activity that once invigorated the body and was enjoyable, now can cause a worsening of symptoms.

In my case, light exercise leaves me in a near paralyzed state, in intense pain, and unable to think clearly. I meticulously followed a Graded Exercise Therapy program three years ago, as I was advised by my doctor.

My health worsened drastically as a result, and I have yet to regain the level of health I had prior to GET.

As a result, I have lost the ability to work, support myself financially, and take care of my basic needs.

Please see this graph to get an idea of how patients rate GET compared to many other treatments: Lowest of 106 treatments in effectiveness.

It simply is not the appropriate treatment for this illness, and can do serious harm.

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Sue said...

Why won't people believe what patients tell them? Thousands of patients agree with you, Dr Speedy, that GET can make patients much worse. Why would so many people saying the same thing not be taken seriously? Its disrespectful and insulting.

Medical journalism of this sort piles the stress on sick people as their family, friends and doctors point to this sort of rubbish and tell them to prove that they want to get well by trying GET.

Most people refuse GET precisely because they want to get well and they know from bitter experience that exercise makes it worse.


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