Sunday, February 27, 2011

Guardian Journalist wants to sit in on your ESA Medical, Can you help?


Amelia Gentleman wrote a wonderful article in the Guardian on 23rd Feb about the governments attempts to get rid of disability benefits, this journalist has been the recipient of a “ Amnesty International Press Award” and rather amusingly is married to ” Boris Johnson’s ” younger brother Jo Johnson who is a conservative politician, don’t hold this against her.

She is looking for people who are willing to allow her to go along to a ESA assessment, I for one think this is a good idea as it would open up the assessment to outside eyes, I’m sure the DWP will have something to say about this If you tell them a journalist is going to accompany you but I seriously believe it would help rather than hinder your case.

If you wish to contact her then please email her directly -

I would just like to add that ... Read more>>

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