Sunday, February 6, 2011

Is Professor Myra McClure a new addition to the Wessely School of Denial ?


Someone must have said they needed a retroviral expert on the panel. Who better than someone who couldn't find a gamma retrovirus if they slapped her face with a cat suffering from feline leukemia? As an observer commented at the time, did she take the lens cap off the camera?

Worse (in my opinion) for a person charged with evaluating grant proposals for CFS, McClure found nothing in any way peculiar about deriving her entire data set from patients in a purely psychiatric practice - Simon Wessely's and Anthony Cleare's at KCL (King's College, London).

Wessely once told me that because I had been diagnosed with Hashimoto's and NMH, I would have been sent to a different clinic at KCL and he would never have seen me.

So the patients chosen by McClure had NOTHING that could be diagnosed using biomedical markers.

If you harbor any doubts, this is taken from the abstract of the McClure's article failing to find XMRV. How did they define their patient cohort? Read more>>

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