Sunday, February 20, 2011

More PACE trial deceit: retrospecively deriving a London cohort from an Oxford cohort which is IMPOSSIBLE

Gerwyn, February 18, 2011, 06:56:03 PM:

the oxford approach excludes all patients with any objective or subjective signs of a neurological or a medical condition

it is not possible to diagnose Ramsey ME or indeed CCC ME in anyone who fullfills the oxford criteria

the details can be found in sharpe et al 1991

(in response to: The PACE trial reports that participants were selected using the Oxford criteria but that participants were also then (retrospectively) diagnosed using the 'international' (CDC Fukada or empirical) and London Criteria. As you know the London criteria are considered by some to be closest to Ramsey described ME. The paper reports that responses to CBT and GET were similar regardless of whether participants met the Oxford, International or London criteria.

The danger is obvious.

I'm aware of the argument that the Oxford criteria exclude anyone with neurological symptoms and thus would exclude anyone with organic ME. Can anyone definitively tell me if it is possible to retrospecively derive a London cohort from an Oxford cohort.)

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