Thursday, February 17, 2011

New technology to make biopsies almost painless


At Michigan State, scientists and researchers are painstakingly working on laser technology to render biopsy procedures as painless and noninvasive as possible.

Marcos Dantus and Sunney Xie are currently developing a method of scanning moles and other potentially cancerous growths using laser microscopes.

They work by sending out quick pulses towards afflicted spots, adjusting themselves to react to and using various compounds. For patients concerned about skin cancer risk and potential, this saves them painful time underneath a knife — not to mention the hand-wringing involved when waiting for tests to come back.

Medical professionals involved with pharmacology also benefit from such advances as well. Depending on the laser microscope's calibration, it's capable of exploring how drugs penetrate skin and hair — excellent news when developing the most effective drugs they can. Read more>>

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