Friday, February 11, 2011

Professor, Ignorance Is Bliss

Good for you, Professor CBT. A lesser human might have wilted under the blaze of his own, blinding hypocrisy. But not you. You're a regular gal who gets paid ££££ for a life time of sqeaking.

Only in your world could a Cee Bee Tea Party of mostly old, psychiatric witches, bitching about malingering sods, somehow be called modern day "medicine".

Calling yourself a doctor, despite being the furthest possible thing from it.

Complaining about hairfollicels not responding to your weapon of mass destruction aka CBT and GET for ME and having to be told that Sophia Mirza did die of ME and not of your favorite false illness beliefs.

Was that, together with XMRV, the reason for your recent panic attacks aka 4 virology papers published on the same day, denying that they set out to find contamination but could not, or words to that effect?

Wake up Professor CBT and for once in your life be a real doctor and a real MAN, if you GET my drift, and do what Professor Racaniello did, exactly, only real men can do that ...

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