Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Roo's Clues and the Status of XMRV Research

Roo's Clues:

As those of you who follow developments in the progress of research into the recently discovered retrovirus XMRV and human disease are aware, lately there has been a great deal of confusion about what the correlation is if any.

The original Lombardi et al paper that came out of the Whittemore Peterson Institute, and was published in the journal Science, made a strong case that XMRV is associated with human disease.

Several follow up studies did not corroborate this finding, but have numerous methodological errors and serious conflicts of interest.

Much of the confusion in the mainstream media seems to have arisen because they received PR announcements when these studies were published (after a delay), but did not do research to understand what has transpired during the delay nor to establish the context of these studies, and they are unaware of the Harvard/NIH study that supports the original WPI findings. As a result, there has been widespread dismissal of the original research as being nothing more than contamination from mouse genes. Read more>>

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