Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Scottish Good Practice Clinical Guide on ME-CFS

The Scottish Government, Edinburgh 2010:

Prevalence and classification
The condition has an estimated prevalence of at least 0.2‐0.4%. It can affect anyone, at any age, from any ethnic group. It is more common in women and in patients aged from 35‐55 years.

WHO has classified Benign Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME), including post viral fatigue syndrome, under disorders of the nervous system (neurological diseases) ‐ ICD 10 G93.3 (Note: the equivalent Read Code to ICD 10 G93.3 is: F286.)


Pain, rather than fatigue may often be the patient’s worst symptom.


Guiding principles ‐ all patients will benefit from the general skills of good medical practice including being treated with respect, being listened to with empathy, and having the opportunity to build a rapport with their general practitioner.

All treatment should be collaborative and tailored to the needs of the individual patient. Read more>>

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