Saturday, February 5, 2011

UMC St. Radboud: XMRV found in Dutch patients

By JT:

The following is from an article from the Netherlands back in May 2010:

Dr. Francis Ruscetti of the renowned NCI – a U.S. government agency – told Ortho that he hopes this controversy will be over in 2011.

He is especially surprised about the fact that the investigators of the UMC St. Radboud concealed in their publication that the Americans found traces of XMRV in the same blood samples from the Dutch patients.

“I do not know how they think they get away with this ethically,” said Ruscetti. “I do not think this is good science.”

Ruscetti pointed out again that the WPI, the NCI and the Cleveland Clinic applied four procedures in their research. “In the negative studies only one procedure was applied.” Ruscetti also ventilated his annoyance over what he calls the “whisper campaign” about contamination.

According to the Nijmegen researchers, the Americans contaminated or polluted the Dutch blood samples.

Among others Ruscetti is supported by Prof. Dr. John Coffin, who is linked both to the NCI and Tufts University in Boston. He is considered one of the most prominent retrovirologists in the world.

“People have raised the issue of contamination, ” said Coffin. “But nothing is known about this. There is not a single shred of evidence to support these rumours. Much of the research is done at the NCI, in the laboratory of Francis and Sandra Ruscetti. They have a long experience with these viruses and are very cautious.”

The 24 samples tested by the CDC were not reported in their paper as I have said. They also tested them for mouse contamination and found none.

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