Sunday, February 20, 2011

Why the PACE trial is a SCAM

Justin Reilly, esq. wrote, 1:38 am February 19, 2011:

Got to agree with the other posters here, this ‘study’ is a scam. Won’t rehash what everyone else said. Just want to agree that:

1. The cardinal feature of ME is Post-Exertional Morbidity/Malaise

2. These insurance lobbyists posing as scientists run this scam by using a fake (Sharpe/”Oxford”) definition to test only tired and depressed people who do NOT have ME and

4. These ‘therapies’ are human rights abuses: lying to ME patients to tell them they have no disease and to exercise, the exact thing that will make their severe illness even worse.

GET kills some pwME, some suddenly, some slowly and makes all worse. If it does not make you worse, then BY DEFINITION you do not have ME.

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