Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Times Rod Liddle's Narrow vision on ME (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis)

by Tony Britton on August 6, 2011:

Rod Liddle was as immoderate as the outrageous behaviour he was criticising (“Shoot the medical messenger — see if that’ll cure you”, Comment, last week). There are around 193,00...0 myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME)/ chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) patients in Britain, and most have never threatened scientific researchers. So why paint a picture — “malingering mentals”, “foaming paranoia” — tarring thousands with the actions of a few?

There is a legitimate debate about which model — biomedical or biopsychosocial — best fits the illness, but it’s not true that evidence for the former is “non-existent”.

More than 90% of official grant spend on ME/CFS in the past decade has gone on research into cognitive-behavioural approaches. These are the “palliative treatments” Liddle refers to, but even their advocates recognise that they benefit only a small minority over and above standard medical care, and are not the answer to the biomedical enigma at the heart of ME/CFS. Its sufferers deserve better.

Dr Neil Abbot, ME Research UK

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Jedi_UK said...

Thanks for posting this : )

This got printed in the letters section of the Sunday Times today, as did another letter by the MEA.

Rod Liddle is so fail.

Keep up the good work Dr Speedy : )


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