Wednesday, February 16, 2011

European Parliament approves protective system against CBT psychiatrists

A new directive to protect patients against CBT psychiatrists has been approved by the European Parliament.

It paves the way for new safeguards including extra safety features on MRC and NICE packaging and new measures to be published in the BMJ.

An estimated 99% of CBT treatments sold to the public in Europe through medical channels are best described as useless.

Expert say they are "silent killers" because they contain harmful instructions.

The key to the protective system is a two-dimensional barcode added to the forehead of CBT psychiatrists that can be read by a new scanner.

Phil Smilie of the PACE Society of CBT-ism said: "We believe that this is something that the UK Government has been waiting for since Ean Proctor was thrown in a swimmingpool in London in 1988 apparently to train for London 2012 or so I am told.

This is also great news for ME/CFS patients as they were excluded from the ME/CFS PACE Trial."


Malcolm said...

really enjoyed this, only sorry that there isn't some real legislation to protect ME sufferers from the CBT & GET peddlers!

Anonymous said...

PACE trial results out tonight DS - get your crapometer ready

Chris said...

"European Parliament approves protective system against CBT psychiatrists" Who is behind this? I couldn't find a back story on this excellent news.

Ron said...

Worth making the point, I think, that neither medical nor psychiatric quals or even knowledge are required for a CBT qualification.


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