Friday, February 18, 2011

Is CBT psychiatry a disability? PACE research in The Lancet suggests it is

CBT psychiatry is a serious illness affecting many people liased in one way or another to the MRC, and it is the leading cause of disability according to the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) in a London cohort of PACE Trial psychiatrists.

It can critically effect how an employee performs his or her job, and that can negatively impact their family, colleagues and boss.

In order to effectively assist someone in overcoming CBT psychiatry, and help them GET their hot air telling under control and their tongues back on track, you first have to understand the disorder and then learn how best to respond to it and treat it.

According to NIMH, CBT psychiatry, or Pinocchio disorders, can interfere with daily tasks and can severely impede normal activities, including everyday work on the job.

Several signs and symptoms can make it hard for a sufferer of CBT psychiatry to complete his or her job, including dishonest reporting, no sense of guilt, greed, vested interest and severe mental fatigue when encountering patients with physical disorders.

And while there is still no definitively known cause for CBT psychiatry , many in the medical community believe a combination of genetic, environmental, and psychological factors are the culprit.

Additionally, a multitude of research points to CBT psychiatry as being a brain disorder because the parts of the brain that are responsible for dictating certain behaviors like honesty, doing no harm and being a good doctor, operate abnormally.

Is there hope for these sufferers?

New research in The Lancet suggests that Pacing their false illness beliefs and reducing their income from insurance companies and the DWP might have a benefecial effect but only if combined with a serious effort from The College of Psychiatrists to GET these poor fellows rehabilitated.


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