Saturday, February 19, 2011

Operation Mincemeat aka the PACE trial, a thrilling true story of deceit and survival

From the bestselling author of The Professor who talks with a double tongue.

This is the thrilling true story of the greatest and most successful medical deception ever, published in The Lancet and recommended by NICE and the MRC.

This paperback edition of Wesley Simon's latest bestselling account of the greatest medical deception ever, the brainchild of an eccentric psychiatrist trapped in the wrong body, filled with guilt for abusing his friends and family, the only way to escape his own suffering is by inventing a great hoax involving an extraordinary cast of characters, not least of which are so called charities set up by his friends to create even more havoc in the lives of patients he finds dispiccable for the simple reason that at the age of 48 he is still jealous of others who are 93.3 but smarter and better looking than he ever will be.

Every spare minute of the day he is talking to his hairfollicels, but despite his best efforts, he will never GET the curls he is so desperate for.

His assistants all kiss his feet, but the girl he really loves, is bedridden with ME and he hates her for it.

Despite the Geneva conventions and the GMC's Do No Harm principle, many doctors apply his torture treatment. But in a remarkable turn of the tables, Mr Rituximab appears out of nowhere.

A farce of a trial, published in a once leading medical journal, further speeds up the decline of an empire built on lying and vested interest.

This is one of the great stories of survival in the bleakest of times, panic attacks suffered by psychiatrists and recovery of doomed people, the true heroes of our time.


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