Thursday, September 8, 2011

CBT psychiatry has left people untreated for forty years of their lives, uncared for, dying, and in poverty

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I wonder how many suicides and family break ups have been caused by convicted criminal Wessely's misinformation ?  Why should anyone think this isn't another Wessely lie to cheat physically ill  people ? I wonder how many people have been wrongfully cheated out of medical care for their physical illness and how many have been wrongfully cheated out of disability benefits because of Wessely ?  How many have suffered permanent physical harm from being encouraged to exercise beyond what a sick person should do ?  Many ME people would benefit greatly if told they have a good chance of being well near tropical waters, but the medical world's not generally interested. They'd rather invent stories about non-existent psychiatric illnesses.  I'm glad my elders aren't alive to see how low the people running the UK have sunk.
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I hope this comment will be removed.

 It does M.E. sufferers no favours to be identified with a person who calls Prof Wessely a 'convicted criminal' when he is not one , whatever we think of him and his colleagues and their three decade long stranglehold on our physical, neurological illness
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Do you think it does sufferers any favours to report to be accused of harassing "Scientists" and issuing death threats? Telling someone they will pay is not a death threat and quite honestly Wessely should do some sort of jail time for ignoring thirty years of Scientific evidence and downgrading the Neurological disorder ME to a fatigue somatoform disorder which has left people untreated for forty years of their lives, uncared for, dying, and in poverty.

Yes, I think that is criminal

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See also: The main characteristic of ME is an abnormally delayed muscle recovery after doing trivial things, if you don't have that, you don't have ME
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