Monday, September 26, 2011

Invest in ME: Special screenings of the film Voices from the Shadows at the prestigious Mill Valley Film Festival and in the UK

Invest in ME would like to announce special screenings of the film Voices from the Shadows.

Voices from the Shadowsis a compassionate and moving exposé of the devastating consequences of psychiatric prejudice and medical ignorance regarding myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME) -- a disease twice as common as MS.

The film has been invited to show at the prestigious Mill Valley Film Festival in California, USA, in October, and will not be generally available in UK.

Two special screenings of the film, hosted by UK charity Invest in ME, have been arranged to raise awareness and progress the issues around ME.

The first screening is in Norwich, Norfolk on 2^nd December at 18.30.
Opening the evening will be Dr Ian Gibson.

Invest in ME hope the film will bring increasing support for our proposal for a fledgling UK Centre of Excellence for ME based on an examination and research facility.

The second screening is in London at the Auditorium in the British Library. This will be on Wednesday 7^th December at 18.00.

In order to progress the understanding Invest in ME will invite a number
of influential persons to attend the screening and a panel discussion
will be set up to discuss issues highlighted by the film.

The prices for tickets for these screenings are £10 for Norwich and £20
for London. Refreshments will be served after the screening and discussions.

For more information and to apply for tickets one can register interest
by emailing Invest in ME at

The key to resolving, treating and curing ME/CFS lies in biomedical
research. Yet better education is also required for healthcare staff,
for the public, for the media and for governments.
We hope this film will help achieve this and counter the misinformation
and ignorance about this disease which has been allowed to spread.

*Invest in ME*

Voices from the Shadows Trailer:

Voices from the Shadows Trailer from Josh on Vimeo.

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