Sunday, June 5, 2011

CBT psychiatry and XMRV: Using unvalidated tests to suppress XMRV research

Posted by HGRV:

Knox et al. used a PCR assay to retest the patients of Dan Peterson, which had not detected XMRV GAG sequences in non viremic patients in Lombardi et al. either.

They then compared their results with those obtained by using the PCR assay in Lombardi which did discover GAG sequences in 67% of patients tested.

Unsurprisingly Knox et al. failed to detect the virus with that assay, just as Lombardi et al. had failed with that assay.

The use of the successful assay in lombardi et al. once again found the patients to be positive. Knox et al., lead by Levy, decided that the results indicated that the Lombardi results were false positives!! Read more>>

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