Sunday, June 12, 2011

Shutting down research into the retroviral origin of ME/CFS is a crime against humanity

Jamie Deckoff-Jones MD:

ME/CFS is of retroviral origin, as is ASD, in my opinion. Read the HIV and animal retrovirology literature, much of which is referenced in previous blogs. It's all there, plus the methylation defect and mitochondrial issues, covered to a large degree in the HIV literature, that were making up the bulk of my reading until the recent salvo was fired. The parallels are obvious. Nothing we've ever had to work with as physicians comes even close as a workable model to provide us with an approach to treatment, with a chance of healing the patients, forgetting about whether XMRV is the major player or not. For an individual to take any action at this time which has the effect of shutting down research into the retroviral origin of the disease is a crime against humanity.

Nobody is saying that the associated, opportunistic infections seen in ME/CFS aren't important, anymore than Pneumocystis is unimportant in AIDS. It is exactly analogous. In this case, there may be interaction between viruses. Activation of latent viruses may benefit the underlying retroviral process, turn it on if you will. Read more>>

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