Friday, June 10, 2011

The worst cases have both an MS-like and an AIDS-like clinical appearance

Posted by Samuel Wales:

With severity, bedridden sufferers get noticed as existing.

It-could-happen-to-me becomes immediate. Averting your eyes will not ward anything off. Sympathetic magic fails too. Cooties fails. Denigration fails. Wishful thinking too. Hope is not a strategy. With severity, cognitive dissonance prods rational action and sooner.


With severity, the cohort deception stabilizes. No longer will abstracts fail to mention what definition is used. It becomes not merely intolerable, but openly monstrous, that healthy people are discussed in the same breath as people with an AIDS-like, MS-like disease. No longer will the difference be overlooked as if it couldn't possibly matter.

Tiredness and a sore throat, you say? I'll show you AIDS, MS, lupus, and in many cases all of those combined and you will never forget it and your children will never forget it and their children will never forget it.

With severity, denialist definitions become corroborated written criminal confessions.
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