Thursday, June 9, 2011

Martin Walker's SKEWED: gob smacking good and scary at the same time


"I have just acquired SKEWED as advised by a friend of mine and it is gob smacking and scary at the same time how accurate Martin Walker describes the process of turning horrible diseases into little more than pigments of the imagination or in the case of Ean Proctor and other children, you completely deny that ME can happen in children, then you blame the parents, and then you take the chid away as a judge will believe a psychiatrist in fear of being send to GETanomo himself….

I can now also proudly announce that I am able to know what professor CBT means when he talks psycho limbo.

When he is talking about false illness beliefs you see we have been wrong about the meaning of that all the time. What he means is that he is wrong and has the wrong idea, it is his way of apologising……

It is the same with the exercise phobia, he is worried that searching the internet and having a look at the Canadian guidelines and also those by Dr Stein for psychiatrists will make him even more of a malingering professor than he already is, so he has put them aside as he is just scared off them.

It is the same about blaming the parents if a child gets ME, you see, in reality he is blaming his own parents for some wrong doing, it is that simple.

And even when he is talking about we are al tired at times, what he means is he is tired of listening to his own porkpies but in the psycho political arena you project that onto your patients, it is that simple.

And what else is he proclaiming???

Oh yes, secondary gains, and again that is so simple I am ashamed it took me so long to realise. He is talking about the ELEVEN MILLION and more as his secondary gains for picking his nose and selling bogies to the world. Yes, a lot of money for bogies, but they are special and come from the nose of a malingering psychiatrist, so they are almost priceless, that is they are worth nothing to a normal person but if you are into denial you like bogies apparently.

And then there are the primary gains, well for us there are none, just like with the so called secondary ones but for the professor there are loads. People pay him to fly around the world to come and tell more fairytales than even the GRIMM brothers would have even imagined that you could come up with and they are so full of nonsense that people listen in astonishment, after all he is a malingering professor and how often do you get the chance to see one in the wild????

And now you also know why the BBC therapist also known as CAPTAIN SLOW or James May is letting his hair grow, it is a natural way of having ear defenders on all the time so he doesn’t hear the professor talk utter nonsense…..

And then there is deconditioning, a modern day version of a shampoo but if you call it a conditioner it sounds more sophisticated and you can tell people that you first need the shampoo and then to sort out the mess created by the shampoo you need a conditioner. A bit like creating a stinking mess with GET and then needing CBT because you have gone from walking with problems to being bedbound……

Now if you think about deconditioning we have so far believed that the GOBSART Brigade and professor CBT mean lazy buggers when they use this word but again that is so silly of us.

You see, a medical disease is also called a medical condition, and we all know that ME is just that. And by deconditioning the professor actually means that we try everything to GET rid of our condition. Yes you finally got it; he is just saying we do our utmost to get rid of this Fukuda ME.

We try monopoly and homeopathy and alcohol and water with a memory, we try the most horrific diets from whoever says they work to GET rid of this silly life thrashing disease, we try Chinese chopsticks and we would even contemplate using depleted uranium if that would help as it is completely harmless but rock solid, a bit like a northern rock.

We try minerals, vitamins and we even eat Candida or avoid it whatever someone tells us too, but all of it is utterly useless. We swallow fish oil as some say that helps for the pain but apart from increasing the pension fund of a manufacturer it doesn’t do anything for ME pain just like Ibuprofen which looks like smarties and are just as effective as smarties.

Many of us even try CeeBeeTea. First we talk to a Gobsart fellow or supporter who is wearing a scarf and shirt with the name of professor CBT on it as if he was David Beckham or another famous footballer.

When that doesn’t work we snort it, cook it and make CeeButterToo and put it on our sandwiches as if it was peanut butter but even that doesn’t work, I have even made CeeBeeTea and drank that three times a day but apart from turning me into a malingering sod, it didn’t do anything.

A friend of mine suggested using the articles written by the professor in the only suitable way, yes you guessed it, he used them to roll our own cigarettes with the dried CeeBeeTea leaves in them so we could smoke them but apart from almost alarming the CIA that there was a terrorist attack pending it was useless again. Fortunately ... Read more>>

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