Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Annette Whittemore: positive XMRV studies will be coming out very soon

Watch from 3 mins (pay particular attention at 5 mins) and then watch again after the break at 10 mins. http://www.nevadanewsmakers.com/m/video2.asp?VID=1298

Around 5:00 minute mark Annette said:


Actually we've had a couple of researchers come out and they have learned the techniques and they have been successful. So there's a difference between actually doing the work and then getting your work published. So we feel that the positive studies take so much longer to do and they're very very labor intensive; they're very costly, there isn't a lot of support for it. These individuals are taking time away from ther other studies, taking money away from other projects in order to do them. So number one I think it's a funding issue.

Number two, when our researcher has traveled and shown other researchers those methods, they have been successful in their own laboratories. So we've been really encouraged by what we have seen, and we believe that those positive studies will be coming out very soon. In addition to that, I think everyone needs to know how encouraged we are by our own studies.

(Thanks to Sheila and Rosie for this ).


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