Thursday, June 23, 2011

I was abused by doctors because I am bedridden with ME

+BäbY, Today at 01:01:27 AM:

I was co-erced to lie to a member of Simon Wessely's 'CFS team' that the symptoms I was experiencing were caused by pre conceived ideas (fears) of activity AFTER being diagnosed with a neurological condition. I was threatend that if I did not agree to this, I would be discharged from the hospital (bed ridden) despite symptoms hospitalising me.

I was threatened that unless I agree to go to a locked psychiatric ward if my scan is normal, I am not to have a brain scan at all (I waited 2 weeks bed ridden on the ward for the scan). If I do not agree, I get no scan and I am told I might die from a brain tumour as I no longer have ME anymore, because they say so, and I am not permitted to use the word 'ME' in the ward as it is encouraging the belief in a physical cause that can be overcome with CBT. I was told I'll never know if I might die from a brain tumour, unless I have a scan so it could be very dangerous not to have one. If I do not agree, I am discharged home, bed ridden.

Once locked up, I was threatened that I would be discharged from Hospital (bed ridden) if I broke their agreement (contract) to exercise by becoming temporarily paralysed after exercise, and not being able to sit upright/dress, never mind exercise the next day. I was told was evidence that I was intent on wrecking their CFS treatment protocol by becoming temporarily paralysed. I signed no contract, yet this is the word Chalder uses and encourages 'health care professionals' to enter into a 'contract' (deal) with the patient doing CBT.

I was verbally threatened that I would be discharged from Hospital (bed ridden) if I broke their agreement (contract) to exercise by not doing enough exercise and that by not increasing my exercise levels each week I was also wrecking their CFS programme and breaking the 'contract'.

I was verbally abused infront of a group of nursing staff by a doctor, they did nothing and never reported it in my medical file as happening.

I was also verbally threatened not to tell anyone when I returned home from Hospital their attempts to brainwash me with CBT had failed.

A nurse threw her A4 folder at me from infront of the bed, it didn't hit me.
A nurse threatened to pull me out of bed if I didn't 'bother' to get up when I couldn't move.
Two nurses left me on the floor (I got on the floor myself as I couldn't sit upright as they ordered me to sit in the chair) when they changed the bed sheets. They left me on the floor and walked off.

I was threatened with heavy sedation by a doctor as an 'option' open to cure me if CBT and exercise failed. Hence I did exercise until I couldn't move.

A doctor pushed as hard as possible down on my chest with an echosound 'head' despite me repeatedly saying what they were doing was wrong, and telling them to stop. (I've had loads of these scans, and they never hurt).

I was threatened that if I did not walk (when bed ridden) to the day room to eat with the other patients, I would get no food or water. (Note that in non psychiatric wards, the nurses give all patients a 'jug' of water, and you get your own bed-side trolley to put food on). You don't get that in a psych ward.

I was threatend that if I tried to escape from the locked ward I could be put in a straight jacket, despite not being sectioned under the mental health and told I was a 'free' guest who could leave at any time. How do you leave if the door is is locked and it requires permission from a doctor who isn't there, as all medical care is removed?

I was threatend to stop using a computer they told me to bring into the ward, and that I posed a security risk to the hospital if I used one and that would have consequences if I ignored them. (The truth was, they thought I would look up biomedical research, to counter-act their claims of hysteria). Of note, I never used the computer at all, as the idiots had a Hospital LAN network that (naturally) cannot be 'plumbed' into by patients and in those days required a phone cord and WI-Fi didn't exist.

I have been mentally attacked (traumataised) by having all medical care taken away when suffering from cardiac pain, breathing difficulty and severe pain AFTER being diagnosed with a neurological condition and forced to do CBT/GE for the reasons given above.

I was told if I die of a heart attack from Graded Exercise (when bed ridden), that is life, but they will apologise to my parents. (NB: They refused to state this in writing that it was safe to exercise). So they like to make threats and yet cannot back this up in writing as they are gutless cowards who won't dare put in writing that exercise poses no cardiac risk to ME patients who are bed ridden with cardiac pain!

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