Sunday, June 12, 2011

CBT psychiatry: How to make an infectious disease disappear in ten easy steps

by sciencevsantiscience:

How to make a disease disappear – well it’s relatively simple in ten easy steps.

First: Take one symptom of that disease, in our case, fatigue and tie that symptom in with various psychiatric conditions then rename that disease to belittle it.

Second: Take every symptom of the disease and come up with a bullshit theory on how telling the symptoms to go away will make the disease disappear. If the disease does not disappear, blame the patient, proving that the psychiatrists were right all along, it is the patients fault.

Third: When conducting scientific studies, ONLY study those patients with the psychiatric condition, deliberately EXCLUDE patients with the real disease. In fact, why not go one leap further and make a specific criteria which allows patients with mental health conditions to be included and make sure the severely affected aren’t allowed to be included.

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