Monday, June 13, 2011

Dr Judy Mikovits on XMRV, Leuven XMRV symposium, June 9, 2011

Marlène Robin, 12 juni 2011:

Why do some groups fail to detect XMRV?

Variantions in XMRV sequences and low levels of replication of the virus in the blood are the main reasons why some groups fail to detect XMRV.

Clues to pathogenesis?

Hormones + Inflammation => Increase of replication of XMRV

XMRV is responsive to cortisol because stress is often onset to disease.

Stress can be a car accident, an operation, illness, ...

Question of the public: Is cortisol supplementation of hormone therapy detrimental?
Answer of Dr Mikovits: "Everything should be in balance and that includes cortisol."

A footprint of infection? Read more>>

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