Sunday, June 12, 2011

WHY XMRV is out there and ending work on it now is grossly premature…

by sciencevsantiscience, 10 JUN 2011:

While the situation in America isn’t ideal, at least they have the Lipkin NIH study results as well as the findings of various other NIH sponsored studies highlighted below. In the UK, we have no research into XMRV or related MLV’s whatsoever.

Britain’s very own Dr Claw, Myra McClure, hot off the press from another negative study, is giving a presentation on XMRV on 1st July at the International Congress of the Royal College of Psychiatrists. What virology has to do with psychiatry is besides the point – it is another example of how the British Government are hell-bent on dragging XMRV down into the gutter and destroying it. At present I am trying to gain access to the Conference to shoot her down in the Q & A session. The British Government have long since denounced XMRV – instead publicising PACE and other psychiatric/NLP based protocols such as the Lightening Process.

But there is one thing that the powers that be haven’t counted on. That is the power of Judy Mikovits and the team of patient advocates across the globe who support the WPI and simply won’t let XMRV become the AIDS of its time.

With MASSIVE THANKS to the wonderful folks at XMRV Global Action for the abstract summaries from the Conference, proving once again WHY XMRV is out there and that ending work on it now is grossly premature….
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