Friday, June 17, 2011

Managing Your Energy Envelope


When I was first ill with CFS, I experienced frustrating cycles of push and crash.

I was active when my symptoms were low and then retreated to bed when they became intense. Living in response to symptoms, I felt like my life was beyond my own control.

Eventually, however, I found a way to bring stability to my life by determining my energy profile and pacing myself accordingly. To me, pacing means understanding my limits and then adapting to them. By staying within my limits, I reduced my symptoms, gained stability and started a gradual upward spiral that led to recovery.

Over time I developed my understanding of pacing and eventually put together a selfhelp course that uses an approach similar to one I learned at the Stanford Medical School. In the process of conducting 250 self-help groups over the last decade, I’ve seen the difference pacing strategies can make for people with CFS, and some clear ideas have evolved about how to create a personalized pacing program. Here are some of the key concepts. Read more>>

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