Thursday, June 9, 2011

An XMRV Derived Retroviral Vector as a Tool for Gene Transfer

Daniel Cervantes-Garcia, Augusto Rojas-Martinez and David Camerini:

Many retroviral vectors for gene transfer are derived from murine gamma-retroviruses.
Nevertheless, to our knowledge, the pXC vector and its associated cell packaging system
described here constitute the first retroviral vector system for gene transfer based on a likely
human gammaretrovirus, with particular tropism for human cells and tissues. Our results
suggest that the pXC vector is a useful tool for gene transfer in human cells and it is possible
that this vector will contribute to elucidation of the interactions of XMRV and its human host. In
addition, this new XMRV-derived retroviral vector has the potential to be used for stable
transfection of human cells and for preclinical studies of gene therapy.


Hi eric_s, an XMRV vector would infect the same cell types as XMRV. So it could be used to treat prostate cancer perhaps, and if XMRV is indeed pathogenic, we could include an anti-XMRV factor in the vector. It could lead to interesting treatments - in ten or twenty years. I am of an age to look for my solutions elsewhere, but some might eventually benefit. Bye, Alex

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