Saturday, June 4, 2011

CBT psychiatrists want to finish off all serious research into this devastating illness

CFS Patient Advocate:

In the last year and a half we have witnessed a withering set of attacks on XMRV - the only consolidated serious shot of real science applied to this ME/CFS in many years. What has provoked this attack? Are we to believe that there is serious fault with the science – and that it is some big mistake? How come the resistance comes from so many different directions - some of it half-assed, some of it more serious - and yet, collectively, unable in over a year and a half to knock out XMRV? Science is said to be slow, but this is a bit thick. It is worth mentioning that resources for this dismantling have been “available” (from where?). A great deal of funding is working on the discrediting side of the equation, very little on the advancement side. Why is this?

The larger question, the most important question, remains unanswered. Where is the ongoing and future interest in this illness? Where are the larger research ideas and platforms? Where is the data? How come the WPI sponsored association of XMRV has not generated an ounce of further positive research at the NIH - perhaps outside of XMRV, perhaps looking to other causal factors? How come so few advance an interest in research into the fundamentals of this illness - even if XMRV is wide of the mark? There is a larger, more deadly association here - and it is to finish off all serious research into this particular illness. Why?

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