Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Studies are not finding the virus in the blood as XMRV has left the blood and moved into the tissue

JuliaHugoRachel wrote, 6/1/2011 2:42 AM EDT:

It is my perception that patients did not feel "vindicated" by the discovery of XMRV. I think the overall feeling was that of "progression" for a patient population that had been overlooked, ignored, suppressed, oppressed and discounted for over 40+ years. Patients of a debilitating disease don't want vindication, they want MEDICAL TREATMENT. They want THEIR Quality of life BACK. They want to work, they want to hold their grandchildren, they want to participate in life to the fullest and to contribute to society. Maybe your article has missed the boat by not considering a scientific fact at hand. Could it be that this retrovirus has left the blood and plasma and moved into the Tissue? Hence, studies are not finding the virus in the blood, which is common in many stealth viruses. In which case, it would not be found in blood, plasma, spinal fluid, but rather in the tissue. In which case, it would “No Doubt” exist. Perhaps XMRV or MTLV’s are not the causation of CFS….yet perhaps, XMRV plays an important role in the development, progression, initiation or reactivation of other viruses and pathogens scientifically proven to exist in CFS and GWI and LYME and Autism and other associated diseases. To take a “soundbite” and use the word “Doubt or Vindication” in this article is akin to taking away hope from suffering patients and throwing 4-20 million people off of a ship and watching them drown. Is this what humanity has come to? If so, It seems as if we have just regressed into the dark ages. Even worse, up to 10% of anyone, anywhere and anyplace reading thse words could be one of the folks getting shoved off that boat. This is an infectious disease. Check out the HHV-6 Foundation, educate yourselves. If not for yourself, then do so for your children and grandchildren. This is not a "blow" to "fatigue suffers"...this is an impact to patients with a Brain Virus. These patients are Autism/Gulf War illness. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/Lyme Disease and many other associated notorious diseases such as cancers.

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