Tuesday, June 28, 2011

ME/CFS GetUp! Campaign: It is time to get serious research into the cause of this debilitating condition

by FNC ME/CFS Association Inc:

There are currently about 300,000 to 500,000 people in Australia affected by ME/CFS. There is very little to no research into the condition. There needs to be research into it's cause and treatment (non-psychological). Advocacy and other assistance also needs to be addressed. With about 20 cents per year per person in funding of research and $ 10billion lost in productivity it is time to get serious about this debilitating condition.

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Leonie Hitchenor said...

GetUp! is a lobby group here that holds a lot of power & influenced the formation of a hung parliament at our last election. I am a member of GetUp! & one of many people who have been lobbying GetUp! to throw their support behind a National Disability Insurance Scheme here in Australia. That scheme (among many other things) will provide support for those recently diagnosed with chronic disabling conditions. It currently has over 3,000 votes to be something GetUp! will lobby for, but when friends of mine have emailed them about why they will not support it, the responses have been very negative & they are resistant to taking it up. Chronic illness & disability is not "sexy" enough for them to be bothered to support it. As well as supporting this campaign, please ALSO throw your support behind the NDIS, I attended the conference in Melbourne about the formation of the NDIS & it will be a huge help to those with ME, or CFS as it is called here, as well as FM & many other chronic debilitating illnesses.


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