Saturday, March 12, 2011

After failing us for 25 years, it is now time for our governments to solve this illness

Patricia Carter wrote:

I am a lawyer, and I had a great six-figure income before I got the worst flu I've ever had in my life on 12-31-86. I practiced law, taught at a university and wrote (published) books. That flu never went away, and I became to ill to work at all. I worked my way through undergraduate and law school, and no one ever accused me of being lazy before I became ill. Now I have seen my life disappear around me as I have become sicker and sicker. No, I am too sick to brush my teeth, let alone go back to school and get a Ph.D. to solve my own illness. Would you suggest that to someone with AIDS? Or cancer? This retrovirus has been associated with prostate cancer. Do you think prostate cancer patients should be required to go back to school and get Ph.D.'s and cure their own illness?

My government has failed me for 25 years. They have buried the research into this illness and spent the money Congress allocated for research into M.E. for other purposes.

Now it is time for my government, which I have supported both in spirit and with my taxes, for my entire adult life, to step up and solve this illness.

The U.S. government is the only real possibility of funding real research into this all-too-real illness. It's time. Hell, it's past time.

Patricia Carter
XMRV+, 24 years M.E.

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